Tom Weiss, Global, Principal

Tom Weiss
(720) 341-6644


Tom created C2 in 2012 with the belief that customers require more than just a great product.  C2 was built with a goal of having a team of professionals “connect the dots” for the end user by utilizing all the services and expertise of the channel. The company philosophy of adding value with every interaction is at the core of what C2 offers.  


Tom has studied the techniques of industry leaders and has created solutions that use their models.  He has taken the lessons from Geoffrey Moore (Crossing the Chasm) to help create a whole product, learned from Simon Sinek (start with Why) how to create a culture of respect and appreciation, created project management solutions by utilizing CH2MHill’s Project Delivery System (PDS), and has developed customer centric solutions that were crafted with the goal of following the elegance and functionality of Steven Jobs (Apple).  Although Tom does not propose to be on the same level of these amazing leaders, he seeks to use them as guideposts to help provide the best buying experience possible.  By following these principles, C2 enables the end user to receive full value from the collective team and helps support the end user’s technology “vision” in an efficient and professional way.  This is how C2 helps customers by “merging vision with execution”!


Tom has spent over 25 years applying and honing these skills and has worked with local, national and global companies.  He brings this experience to his business dealings and provides end users and partners with the knowledge of all those experiences.  He spends his free time with his family playing in the Colorado mountains and has a love of skiing, biking, music, and playing guitar.